The Bush Twins Talk Etiquette, Elbows, and the Perfect Hostess Gift

There is perhaps no stronger bond in a Southern woman’s life than the one she shares with her sister. SL Editor-At-Large Jenna Bush Hager and her sister Barbara Bush speak to their remarkable relationship, Southern manners and the keys to throwing a great party.


[MUSIC] One, two, three. Getty. Yeah, our grandmother. We call her the enforcer, and I remember like, if we ever had our elbows on the dinner. Yeah, you weren't allowed to have your elbows on the table. Which, is that impolite? I guess, if you're like, lounging. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That would be weird. But, our grandmother really liked a manner. She still loves a manner. She loves the manner. She loves the manner except she doesn't mind a feisty dinner conversation. She doesn't mind a little spice at the dinner. No, you can have some sass, you just have to do it with manners. Yes. And you can talk about funny things Politics. As long as you're polite while doing it. As long as you're polite while you do it. [MUSIC] We love stationery. Mm-hm. And in fact, one of our friends who's very chic writes thank you notes for everything. I mean, you have her over for a coffee and she writes a thank you note. And Barbara and I are wanting to Like that. I think you write as much as you possibly can. Yeah, I very much believe in the thank you note. At work, we write thank you notes for anything that they do for us and we love it. They love it, so we love it. I think a wonderful playlist is a key to a wonderful night. When I make a playlist I like to just make it kind of slow and steady. Until we got Beyonce, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. So I'm studying an after dinner dancing. [MUSIC] I think a great hostess gift is a candle. Like a really good smelling beautiful candle. I love a candle. If you have a candle in there, if you don't have any other ones, wouldn't you get it out and light it Mm-hm. To make your place smell good? I believe in the edible hostess gift, donuts usually. She brought me donuts when I had her out to the beach this summer and everybody went to town, especially Mila. So I believe in the donut and I believe in the cheese. What else would you want? Nothing.
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