Triple Crown-Worthy Moments from the Derby Red Carpet

Fascinators, bow ties, and sequins—oh my! Hold on to your hats, you don't want to miss a minute of the fashions that came trotting down the red carpet at the 140th Kentucky Derby.


[MUSIC]. Hi, I am Stephanie Granada with Southern Living and we are the 140th Kentucky Derby and what an exciting day it's been so far. Now, lets go talk to some of the celebs that are hitting up the red carpet. So, how'd you pick out your outfit today? Well it's, these are my sorority colors, pink and green, and I know it works well for me all the time. A local Louisville woman does the beautiful hats for me every year. This is her seventh year doing my hat. What's her name? Her name is Angie Schultz. That is beautiful. And it's Attitudes by Angie, and she always creates something wonderful for me. At my first derby I was 17 years old, and, and I didn't do it like this, trust me. What are you wearing? I'm wearing Dar, a Darling dress, and a Del Mar hat and, and some amazing jewelry. [MUSIC] What was your approach to getting dressed today, was it tough picking an outfit? I wanted to do some, I've been wearing suits and being suited and booted, so I wanted to do something really kinda comfortable. Like it. And warm, but not too warm. Cuz yesterday I was freezing. So, thanks Kentucky. [LAUGH]. Go big there and keep it simple. That's right. You know, in terms of the dress. So, it's like, which way you gonna go? Or, or I had another that was simple here and more ornate on the bottom. But the Derby, please, it's all about the hat, so. Does it take a lot of planning with the outfits? Oh yes. Definitely. Oh yes, now all I do is plan my tie, but Jane gets to plan every year. Who does your hat? There Polly Singer, who's out of Lexington, Kentucky. She's a local gal and she's done it every Derby for me, so. Did you coordinate today? Did we? Well, we helped each other. She picked mine, I didn't pick hers. She's good at that, but she always picks mine and, you know, she's got great taste. And how's Kentucky treating y'all on your trip? Well, with this weather it can't be bad can it? It's beautiful, it's a great Derby day and we're excited to be here again. And I, I love the south. I am a big I'm a big fan of the sweet tea and southern hospitality and, and gentlemen being gentlemen, ladies being ladies and I, I hope to retire to the south one day. What about the southern style? The southern style is pretty amazing, pretty, I mean for me there's never enough poof in the world so I'm happy. [LAUGH] What brings you all to the derby today? The fun, the mint julips, the excitement. I get to wear funny clothes, it's great. How'd you pick out your outfits today? I don't know, I love manual he's a tailor in Nashville and I have several of his suits and coats so I just pick which one feels the best. People are looking good. People brought it. The hats brought it. Yeah, the, the outfits, people look good. I'm, I'm proud of us. I'm proud of Kentucky today. Is it tough to pick out an outfit? No because, you know, it's all about the hat. My, my, my friend Mark Veto and I created this hat last night at 3 AM. Wow. What is your Derby essential in your clutch? Okay, every girl has to have lip gloss. You know, after a while the lip gloss gets a little crusty. You can't have that. You've gotta have fresh lips, fresh face. Right. So lip gloss, a mirror, and cell phone. That's a good tip from a beauty queen. Yes, of course. What are you carrying in your clutch today? What's your Derby essentials? Of course my phone so I can get great pictures and capture lots of memories. A lip gloss, and some money to bet. You know, gotta have that cash to make those winning bets on the winning horse. Do you have a strategy for betting today? You know, I've never ever bet in my whole life. So, I'm just getting advice. I'm gonna, I'm gonna go big, I'm throwing 20 bucks down on Chitu. What are you most looking forward to today? Well it's always the derby, but I just love playing the ponies. I grew up around the track and race horses. My dad was real into race horses, had quite a few when I was a kid. And so I just love being here and reading the racing form trying to figure out what they're gonna do and watching them run. You never, you never lose the fun of it. Right. You know, for a Kentucky Governor and First Lady, it doesn't get much better than this. The Kentucky Derby is the moment that Kentucky's in the international spotlight and boy we know how to do it. [MUSIC]. Well that is it. We have seen some great style today and talked to some awesome people. For more on southern styling culture go to
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