The Easy Way to Make Cuban Sandwiches

With just a few easy shortcuts, tasty cuban sandwiches can now be a lunchtime staple at home.


Cuban sandwiches are everywhere these days. The combination of ham, pork, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. All pressed together and piping hot, have turned them into a new lunchtime staple. If you wanna make Cuban sandwiches at home but don't have time to slow roast a pork shoulder. Here's a trick. Seven sliced ham and turkey. You'll get the same great flavor and a fraction of the time. To make this sandwich, start with rolls and then spread each roll with mustard. I like to use a lot of spicy mustard. It gives the sandwiches a nice kick. Layer slices of dill pickle, sliced turkey, and ham. Make sure to use a really good high quality meat. One that's free of artificial preservatives and all-natural. Then add swiss cheese. And I like to top with two pieces, so it gets nice and melty. And then top with your bun. Spread some softened butter on your roll, add the sandwich to the skillet, butter side down. And then top with a heavy cast iron skillet, and press. [MUSIC] Just add a little weight. You want to let the sandwich cook for about three to five minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the sandwich is golden brown. when the sandwich is done, cut it in half and then serve with sweet potato chips. Now you can enjoy this lunch time favorite without having to go to a restaurant or spending all day in the kitchen. [MUSIC] Easy to make. Easier on the pocketbook and just as delicious. [MUSIC]
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