Make A Burlap Carrot Easter Wreath To Brighten Your Front Door

We teamed up with Certified Celebrator Brittany Young from Bowling Green, Kentucky to craft this bright, festive wreath to celebrate Easter. Made from a wire frame, burlap, and a few styrofoam cones, this Burlap Carrot Easter Wreath brings instant spring curb appeal to your home, and is a welcoming impression for guests. No glue needed!


I'm Brittany Young, your certified celebrator. And today, we're using easter inspiration for a really pretty wreath. You're gonna take strips of your very favorite fabric or burlap and that's what I'm gonna use today and I've cut one inch strip about 12 inches long. With a wired reform, we're just gonna simply tie a knot all around the form so that you don't see any of the wire and underneath And you can choose your favorite fabric if you wanted more of a bright, front door wreath or if you want something more simple like what I'm doing today. This is just a cream color burlap that I just love because it pops off the front door. You can see it from the road and it just reminds me of what spring is all about. And now we're gonna DIY carrots, which is my favorite part. You simply take your cone Place it inside your fabric where the pointed edge is down. And you're going to gather the fabric from the bottom, I want to fold it so that it's tightly lying against the cone and there's no air bubbles. Okay, so now we have our carrot. And I'm gonna use twine. And I'm gonna cut about a 12 inch piece of that. And I'm gonna wrap that around the carrot. And I'm just gonna simply knot that. And then we need some greenery. And I found some really fun green ribbon that almost looks like it has a moss Tone to it and the green ribbon is going to go around the carrot. So, I'm gonna take my scissors and I'm gonna go along and I'm just gonna trim at some of the crrot top. [MUSIC] So, for the embelishment of the carrot, I'm actually going to put those to the side of the [UNKNOWN] and I'm just gonna use a piece of twine, I'm gonna put it right around the top of the carrot where the bow is And I'm going to just place it onto the wreath. You can move it around how you like, how you want it to lay. And I'm just going to tie a knot in the back. And there we have it, you guys. It's so simple. And it just took a few minutes to make. And it sure going to add [UNKNOWN] to you're home.
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