Reuse These Glittery Mosaic Easter Eggs Year After Year

Looking for some bright, fun Easter eggs that require no boiling and don't go bad? Look no further than these colorful paper mâché eggs from Kentucky-based Certified Celebrator Brittany Young. This festive craft idea is perfect for recruiting little hands, and you won't need to worry about your eggs cracking or giving your dining room an unpleasant odor. Grab some Mod Podge, tissue paper, paper eggs, and glitter to make Mosaic Easter Eggs.


Hi. I'm Brittany Young, your certified celebrator, and I'm so excited to be making DIY easter eggs with you. Today we're using paper mache easter eggs. They're crack free, they're super easy to work with, and we are going to glitter these .The first step is to create your own confetti, and that's just by using some inexpensive tissue paper. And what you're going to do is take your tissue paper And open it up, and then fold it in half. And then you want to take your scissors and you're going to cut one inch strips all the way across the tissue paper. And then once you have your strips cut, you're gonna gather all of those in your hand just as straight as you possibly can. You're going to take your scissors and you're going to cut just one inch squares all the way down. Your strip, so once you have your confetti cut. You did want to take just a Crafter's Acrylic paint and your eggs. And you're gonna do a solid quick coat all over the Easter egg. And this plays as a blocker or almost an a primer. And so by painting it white when you [UNKNOWN] your confetti the tissue paper is so much brighter. Once your Easter eggs are dry, you then gonna take decoupage and with your paintbrush your gonna start at one corner of your Easter egg, and your gonna put a light coat of the decoupage. And then your gonna immediately take your favorite color tissue paper and your gonna put one of your little blocks or one of your squares right on top. And with your fingers you can kinda just press that down. And now that I have one little strip done, I like to go back over top of it with a little bit more Deca Podge, just to seal the tissue paper in, so that it doesn't flake off. And once it's dry of course, you won't see the white that the Deca Podge leaves right now. And next you'll take your adhesive spray and you'll give it a light mist. And then you'll choose your very favorite glitter. And you can even do multiple colors and you could just get a little bit and you can even just mix the two colors just to give a little bit of a brighter color. Once you have glitter all over your Easter egg Add as much glitter as you want. You're just gonna lay these aside to dry. And there you have it. You have really colorful, bright Easter eggs that your kids can play with, without cracking. They last all season long, and they're super fun to look at. And I love how colorful they are.
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