This Easter, the holiday favorite Cadbury egg has gotten a little makeover – a delectable cookies and crème filling. Our friends at Real Simple report that the Cadbury Mini Eggs are now oozing with a new creamy chocolate cookie-and-cream center that are perfect for baking in brownies, used as a cupcake garnish, or just for eating straight out of the package. We know that you won't be able to resist finding a few of these chocolate eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt. If you've got a few chocolate eggs to spare, layer them in between brownie batter when you're baking. Add in half of the batter, and then make a small layer of halved eggs. Add in the remaining batter, and bake according to recipe directions. When you cut into your brownies, you'll have a nice layer of warm, creamy filling. Or, if you're more of a traditionalist, let these Easter eggs melt in your mouth all season long. Find these Cookies and Crème Eggs exclusively at Target this season.

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