3 Holiday Cocktails You'll Want To Sip On

Join Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin to whip up these three delicious, seasonal cocktails in a jiffy with the help of Thermador. Your guests will love sipping on Warm Citrus Cider, the bright Blue Christmas, and classic Eggnog.

Warm Citrus Cider

1 gal. apple cider
2 cups orange juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 orange, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 1/2 teaspoons whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
Dark rum (optional)
Garnish: apple slices

Apple cider, orange juice, orange slices, lemon slices, cloves, and cinnamon sticks to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer 10 minutes. Discard solids. Garnish each serving with an apple slice, if desired. Serve hot.

Blue Christmas

1 ounce blue Curacao
1 ounce vodka
1 ounce fresh lime juice
4 ounces sparkling wine
Ice cubes
Garnish: orange slice

Pour blue Curacao, vodka, fresh lime juice, and sparkling wine into a red wine glass filled with 4 or 5 ice cubes. Stir and garnish with an orange slice.


6 large eggs, lightly beaten
3/4 cup sugar
2 cups milk
1 cup brandy
1/4 cup rum
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups whipping cream
Garnishes: whipped cream, grated fresh nutmeg

Stir together egg and sugar in a large saucepan; gradually stir in milk. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, 18 to 20 minutes or until mixture thickens and coats a metal spoon. Remove from heat; stir in brandy, rum, and vanilla. Cover and chill 8 hours. Beat whipping cream at high speed with an electric mixer until soft peaks form; fold into chilled egg mixture. Garnish, if desired.


Cocktails are an essential part of any successful holiday party. And it's good to keep your cocktails delicious of course and super creative. What we have here is a citrus apple cider cocktail. It has got apple cider, juices of oranges and lemons. We've spiked it with clove and cinnamon stick. It's been simmering for a good long time now letting all those flavors come together. It smells amazing. Now it's time to turn this down to extra low, which is a great feature on this Thermador Star Burner. We're gonna add our alcohol. Now this extra low temperature, this will then allow you alcohol to burn off. You can leave this on your stove at a perfect warm temperature your whole entire party. These great glasses, you want to ladle just a little bit in there OK, we're gonna garnish this with a Apple slice. Those little twist of lemon. Now you have a beautifully festive nice, and warm hot cocktail perfect for any holiday any day So your party's going you got a nice cozy fire built your guests are looking for something a little icy a little cold so we're going to make our blue Christmas cocktail featuring the termadoric diamond ice design, this diamond design is going to allow you to get more ice into your cocktail without watering it down. So I am going to take equal parts Blue Curacao Equal parts vodka, and we're gonna throw a little lime juice in there. We're going to top with some sparkling wine. [MUSIC] And then, of course, our Thermador Diamond Ice design Ice that is gonna allow us to have a super chilled, lovely cocktail. It's gonna stay colder longer. It's not gonna get watered down. I'm gonna give this a nice stir. Gonna garnish with an orange. Now you have this really beautiful stunning brilliantly blue christmas cocktail. Now it wouldn't be a holiday party if it didn't have a classic eggnog cocktail. I've chosen to make a nice homemade version which is supper simple. I've got eggs, milk, Some sugar that i've been stirring over a low simmer now until it gets nice and thick this makes the Thermador star burning perfect For this method. Now, this is nice and slightly thickened. I'm gonna move it over here, off the heat, which is very important when you're stirring in your alcohol. I'm gonna add my vanilla. [BLANK_AUDIO] Then I'm gonna add a little brandy. That nice, rich, warm flavor. And I'm gonna add some rum to it as well. And we've got a really nice boozy base for this eggnog. That eggnog is ready to go. I'm going to transfer this to my serving pitcher, put in my refrigerator and let it sit over night where it's going to thick and luscious and be ready to serve for my party tomorrow. So, my eggnog is chilled, I stirred in some heavy cream. It is a luscious Perfectly thickened, ready to go, it's beautiful perfectly thick. I am going to garnish with some grated nutmeg keep it classic and a bit of cinnamon stick. Guest are going to love this it's perfect for your holiday party. Happy holidays, and enjoy. [MUSIC]
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