Butternut Squash Soup with White Balsamic and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Chef Chad Anderson of The Watch at The Restoration Hotel in Charleston, S.C. is a master of combining fresh, local fare with exotic, international flavors. This warm, creamy butternut squash soup is perfect for cool fall nights, and is beautifully garnished with tangy white balsamic glaze, toasted pumpkin seeds, and some bright edible flowers.


Hi, I'm Chad Anderson. I'm the chef at The Watch, at the Restoration Hotel in downtown Charleston. And today we're gonna be making butternut squash soup, which is my favorite fall dish. Let's get started. These onions here, just give them a nice little thin Nice slice julienne. We've got all of our onions in there. We're just gonna add a couple generous pinches of salt. Then I'm gonna reduce the head just a little bit. We want to start breaking down these squash. Just chop the top off. And you want to go ahead and cut that there into two pieces. Peel all of these. Break these down into small pieces. We're going to go ahead and add this to the pot. Let's add the stock first. You want to add just enough cream to this to kind of cover everything in the pot. This little pot, we have reducing some Italian white balsamic vinegar. I'm going to add some garlic. Going back and forth a couple times, just to kind of Break down those larger pieces. And we want to let our soup cook and reduce until everything has softened. As we talked about earlier, in this small pot we have our balsamic glaze that we're going to use to garnish the soup with. We are working with a hot soup so you don't want to add so much that it ends up trying to explode on you. We're going to go ahead and get this on A blend. Alright, that should be good for that batch. Pour this through. You wanna go ahead and season that. We also got some dark vinegar. You don't want to go too crazy on this step, you just wanna add a little bit. Got some pinches of salt. Just a touch of white pepper. Cinnamon is also one of those ingredients that a little bit goes a long way. We talked about this white balsamic glaze. That's gonna help add some complexity. Some acid. And we also have some toasted pumpkin seeds. Some edible flowers here. Now we have our finished butter nut squash soup with white balsamic reduction and toasted pumpkin seeds.
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