Chef Scott Crawford's Cornbread Pudding

Don't throw away that leftover cornbread! Chef Scott Crawford from the upcoming Crawford & Son restaurant in North Carolina is repurposing scraps into a creamy, rich cornbread pudding recipe topped with savory brown butter, juicy peaches, fresh thyme, and sweetened whipped cream. It's a great way to reuse old ingredients, and your guests will be incredibly impressed with the dish's flavor and texture.


Hey I'm Scott Crawford from Crawford and Son in Riley North Carolina. I'm here to show you how to make, brown butter seared cornbread pudding, with fresh peaches and thyme. I love this recipe because we always do cornbread in large batches, and, we never really know what to do, with what, we have left over. So, we have, some dual cornbread, some, fresh beautiful peaches. Some fresh time. We're gonna start by just sort of crumbling this corn bread into a bowl with that. We're gonna make our custard with just one cup of cream, one whole egg, and one egg yolk, So now I'm just gonna mix these ingredients together, and we're just amazing a really nice creamy pudding. [MUSIC] It's up to you if you want to have some pieces of cornbread in there or if you just like to make it a little bit finer. And I take a baking pan like this. It's just lined with a little parchment paper. And we're going to put it in here and bake that. We want to put it in a water bath so everything bakes evenly. So once we get our water bath like this, then we go in the oven. So this comes out of the oven after it's been in there for an hour at 325 degrees, and it cools for 30 minutes. And because we lined that pan with paper, we can just pull it out easier. Pop it on the cutting board. And sort of slice them like this, and then we're gonna sear that in brown butter to get a real nutty flavor and a little bit of crispness on the outside of the pudding. So I've got a pan over here, it's getting hot, it's over medium heat. And I have a little bit of brown butter here, so if the pan is smoking a little bit, that's good. This is perfect. While those are searing and getting canalized on the outside, nice and crisp and nutty from the brown butter, we will go ahead and slice the peaches. What we want to do here is just sort of slice them along that pit right into this pan with One cup of water and one cup of sugar. This little simple syrup goes on the stove over medium heat. So I'm just basting the puddings with brown butter as they're searing. And this allows the outside to get nice and crispy while the inside is soft and creamy. This is a nice Contrast of textures. So while those are cooking, we'll get the peaches in a bowl and we're just gonna pour that simple syrup over the peaches and then we just sort of put this in the refrigerator. Overnight is best but an hour, minimum. And what happens is, that simple syrup sort of tightens up and soaks in, and we end up with peaches that look like this. And so they're sweetened just enough, they have just a little bit of liquid in the bottom to go over the pudding. So now, the puddings are crisp on the outside, they're very soft in the center. And we're just gonna take those out and place them on a paper towel. So now we have our perfectly seared, crispy cornbread puddings seared in brown butter with some of these beautiful peaches in syrup. And to finish, we just have some beautiful thyme leaves that we picked off the stem. Finish with just a little bit of that brown butter. So this is the perfect recipe for day-old corn bread. It's a great way to impress your guests with leftover food. And we hope you enjoy.
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