Piña Colada Icebox Pie

Recipe: Piña Colada Icebox Pie

Pineapples are a Southern hostess must. The iconic fruit symbolizes hospitality, which is a specialty of Southern culture. We welcome guests, family, friends, and even strangers into our homes to share a meal or enjoy a glass of sweet tea on the porch. We've incorporated the sweet, tropical fruit into many of our favorite recipes, like Pineapple Upside-Down Cake and Hummingbird Cake. Piña Colada Icebox Pie is no exception. This luxurious dessert has a crust made of nutty pecan shortbread and flaked coconut, a sweet pineapple custard layer, and a creamy coconut-whipped cream topping. As our Test Kitchen Professional Ivy Odom says, "This pie tastes like a vacation in your mouth." Guests won't be able to get enough of this elegant and tropical-inspired icebox pie. Plus, the garnishing options are endless. Top this Piña Colada Icebox Pie with coconut curls, fresh pineapple mint, or even some pecan shortbread crumbles.

Start by preparing your pie crust. Combine pecan shortbread, flaked coconut, and melted butter. Press the crumb mixture all the way up the sides of the pie plate before baking; otherwise, you'll end up with a thick, uneven crust that's too shallow to hold the filling. Once your crust is baked, prepare the pineapple custard. Stir together the sugar and cornstarch in a small heavy saucepan, and then add the pineapple. While stirring constantly, bring to a boil over medium-high heat and cook 1 minute or until thickened. Beat cream cheese in a heavy-duty electric stand mixer, using the whisk attachment, until smooth. Gradually add cream of coconut, beating at low speed just until blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating just until blended after each addition.


[MUSIC] The Pina Colada icebox pie is one of our top rated southern living desserts. It combines a crunchy layer of nutty, picky and short bread, a luscious riching creamy cheese cake layer, with the sweet indulging candy-like pineapple layer. All topped with deliciously fresh whipped coconut cream. [MUSIC] When you're making this pie, it's really important to press the crumb mixture all the way along the sides and edges of the pie plate. If not, you'll end up with a thick uneven crust that won't be able to hold on the filling. [MUSIC] The pineapple is a [UNKNOWN] symbol all across the South. It represents hospitality, a trait that is a Southerness sweet tea. Pineapples are said to represent a sense of welcome good year and graciousness. In colonial times. Hostesses would use pineapples as the centerpieces to many of their banquets. They were kind of expensive at the time, so some hostesses would actually whip a pineapple for a day. Later on that night, it was brought back to To market where it was resold to a more wealth detaining who could actually eat it. Today, it's a lot easier to get your hands on a pineapple and southerners take use of it. We put pineapples in just about anything. [MUSIC] Ice box pods are great southern desserts because you set them into fridge, let them chill and just forget about them. They are great to whipped out, to share with your neighbors bring to any kind of summer party and just great all around. [MUSIC] One of the great things about this dessert is that you can top it with just about anything. Pina colada's could go with a coconut layer, pineapple, freshly shaved coconut, toasted coconut, you can even garnish it with a little bit of fresh pineapple mint and save some of your nutty pecan shortbread to kind of crumble on the top if you'd like. I made this icebox pie for a summer party last year. And one of my friends said this tastes like a vacation in your mouth. I couldn't agree more. It's like the pineapple upside down cake, but better. [MUSIC]

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