If you’re searching for the perfect pound cake recipe, we have you covered! This twist on a traditional pound cake is ultra-rich and incredibly moist because of the added cream cheese. Great for any party, festivity, or potluck, the cream cheese pound cake is a stable Southern dessert. You’ll go crazy of the delicious flavor! Because it never goes out of style, it’s sure to be a favorite among even your pickiest friends and family. The cream cheese pound cake is often one of the first treats bakers learn how to make; it has a classic charm. The darling dessert is also incredibly versatile! Garnish it to your liking. Fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, sweet honey, and brown sugar glaze are all excellent choices. Want to know a baker’s secret? The crackly crust that appears on the bottom of the dessert after it comes out of the oven is actually the cook’s treat! Eat as much of the crust as your heart desires as a reward for your efforts. Then, simply flip the cake over before serving; no one will ever know!

Start by using your electric mixer to beat the butter and cream cheese at a medium speed or until the mixture looks creamy and delicious. Next, gradually add the sugar until the mixture appears light and fluffy. Make sure to add your eggs one at a time, and pour in the vanilla extract for that extra bit of flavor. Then, simply combine the flour and salt in a small bowl, and slowly add your butter to the batter. After each addition, beat the mixture at low speed. Pour the batter you’ve made into a greased and floured 10-inch tube pan. Bake the dessert at 300 degrees for one hour and twenty-five minutes. To finish it off, cool the cream cheese pound cake on a wire rack for about fifteen minutes. Enjoy!

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