Chef Shun Li's Almond Squares

These delicate, sweet Almond Squares are a wonderful addition to your holiday cookie spread. Made with just five ingredients, this simple recipe is one of the Windsor Court Hotel's most popular desserts. Join Pastry Chef Shun Li as he demonstrates these flaky, buttery squares.

Almond Squares

1 lb. almond paste
12 oz. sugar
12 oz. butter
3 oz. all-purpose flour
5 eggs

In a stand mixer, cream butter and sugar. Add almond paste. Add eggs one by one, mixing in completely. Add flour last. Bake in a 325˚F oven for about 16 mins.


Hello my name is Shun Li pastry chef in Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. We are making an almond square, one of a most popular item in our hotel. All right. First step we have about 12 ounces of butter and sugar together And we are doing a what we called creaming method. When you first started don't turn it into The fastness setting, gradually start speeding it up. [NOISE] And then medium speed is the perfect speed. The butter will become really light and fluffy, and little lighter color, too. And in the next week I'm gonna in about one pounds of almond cakes [MUSIC] Okay, again we are starting slow. [MUSIC] Then we go to the medium speed. Couple minutes, it should be ready. [NOISE] We're gonna turn it down To the low speed and then we add five eggs. And you want it to put it one at a time, okay? And when you see it's incorporated you can add the second one and so on. We add in our all purpose flour. In this recipe the flour is not a whole lot. compared to everything else, it's just to hold the kick together. And then when you all of our incorporated, and then, that's it. Have your chi pan, and I have a parchment on the bottom and grease it really well. And just put your batter in. [MUSIC] And flatten it up evenly. And don't worry about it has to be light or even. It will bake out. And then one optional ingredient is some sliced almond on top. Now we are ready for the 325 degrees oven, about 60 minutes, and/or until it's golden brown on top. So here's our final product. And you can see the golden brown, the color that you are looking for. Once it cools down, put it into the refrigerator. About 15 minutes. Let it harden. And I always like to put some confectioners sugar on top of it to make it a little fancy. I'm pretty sure all your guests will be very impressed with what you have here. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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