Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Coming in January

Spoonfuls of mini cookies are headed your way. 

General Mills
This article originally appeared on Real Simple

Cookies and milk are a match made in heaven, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Girl Scout cookie cereal is currently in the works. That’s right—Girl Scouts of the USA has partnered with General Mills to create two new limited edition cereals inspired by the most popular Girl Scout cookie flavors. The cereals will be available nationwide in January, a General Mills spokesperson told

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Though General Mills has yet to release further details, the flavors have been confirmed: Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch, inspired by Caramel deLites (formerly known as Samoas). The cereals will become available around the kick-off of the 2017 cookie season, which also marks the debut of the new S’mores flavors.

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The flavor choice appears to be good news for Real Simple Facebook fans, who overwhelmingly chose Thin Mints as their favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor. Can't wait any longer to get your cookie fix? You can now bake your own Girl Scout cupcakes and brownies at home.

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