Cherry Berry Crostata with Pinot and Rosemary

Join Southern gentleman and TV personality Chadwick Boyd as he prepares a beautiful Cherry Berry Crostata with Pinot and Rosemary. It's a warm and cozy dessert for the season, and you can adapt with your favorite fruits (and wine!). Top or serve with creamy vanilla ice cream or a healthy dollop of sweetened whipped cream.


Hey everybody, I'm Chadwick Boyd. I am baking up something bubbly and delicious in the Time Inc Food Studios for Southern Living. Let's get baking! I have put some flower and some butter and some cold, cold water in a food processor, and just processed this up. It comes out looking just like this. I've already got something rolled out, for about twelve inches, and while this is laid out, we're going to put this together, the wine soaked fruit. I've got a bag of frozen cherries, about twelve ounces. I've got a cup of fresh blackberries. But you know, you can use any red fruit that you like. I've been soaking about a quarter cup of golden raisins. With two or three tablespoons of this Stoller Pinot Noir. You can just pour that in just like that. And I've got a half a cup of sugar. Give that a good mix. Got a tablespoon of flour. And then add a tablespoon A fresh rosemary and you want to cut it up really fine. And then one small lemon with your microplane. Just give it a nice good zest. My last little trick, especially with cherries, freshly cracked black pepper, You want about a half a tablespoon. Mix this all up. [SOUND] And now we're ready to build the pie. This is called a crostata and the cool thing about a crostata is that it's full proof. But the crostata, it's a peasant's pie. So we're actually just having the dough flat. You don't have to pinch into a pie plate or anything like that. Its already on a parchment lined baking sheet just like this. And we spoon our fruit into the center of the dough and we keep it contained with about maybe an inch, inch and a half boarder just lift this part up [MUSIC] And you do a nice pleat. It's pretty simple, just like this. So with pies, before you pop it in the oven you wanna give it a nice good shine. So I've mixed up one egg and a little bit of milk. I'm just going to brush this lightly. On the dough. And the last part we're gonna dust it, nice sprinkling of fine white sugar. Pop this in the oven at 375 for about 50, 55 minutes. So I've taken the crust out of the oven and look how golden and delicious it looks right here. Just pick up the parchment and put it on the cutting board. Taking that peasant pie all the way to the end and just cut into it and just serve it on a plate. And I like to take little sprigs of fresh rosemary for a nice holiday finish. You can serve this with whipped cream or eat it with ice cream. Happy baking y'all. [MUSIC]
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