M&M's Have a Surprise New Easter Flavor

Clara Kabala / EyeEm via Getty Images
And we really want some.

Breaking candy news! Today reports that M&M’s new Easter flavor has leaked, and spoiler alert: it looks delicious. The sleuths at Junk Banter have revealed that the next big flavor of the popular candy will be (drumroll please).....Vanilla Cupcake!

The new limited-edition treats, which have a white chocolate base and are coated in pretty Easter-inspired pastels, were spotted in a Target circular. According to Junk Banter, the candy will be a Target exclusive, and is expected to be rolled out on February 19th, after the Valentine’s Day candy has been eaten up.

This time last year, M&Ms came out with a mouth-watering Easter Sundae flavor, which had us running for our Easter baskets. But if you ask us, M&Ms is going to have a hard time topping their most recent specialty flavor, White Cheesecake. But then again, you know how we feel about cheesecake.

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