Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Cake

Recipe: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Cake

This decadent ice-cream cake is a mint chocolate lover's dream! Top layers of creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream and devil's food chocolate cake with a rich chocolate ganache, whipped cream, and chocolate mints. Everything about this ice-cream cake says summer – from the burst of refreshing mint to the pretty green tint to the luxe chocolate ganache. A statement dessert like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Cake doesn't last long on the table, and everyone will want a second slice. The beauty of this Southern sweet is that it looks much more impressive than the amount of work you'll put into it. Plus, you can make the whole cake ahead of your event or party, and then freeze it until you're ready to serve. Simply pull it out of the freezer and add the chocolate mint garnish for an elegant touch.

To start this recipe, you'll need to prepare the devil's food chocolate cake layers. We've shown our favorite recipe for this oh-so-chocolatey cake in the video above, but, if you're pressed for time – we won't blame you if you need to pick up a few boxed cake mixes. Once your layers are baked, it's all about assembling. Smooth your mint chocolate chip ice cream over each chocolate cake layer in a springform pan, making sure that the ice cream extends to the very edges. Then, sprinkle on crushed chocolate wafers. Repeat this process until you've built the whole, stately cake. Take the springform pan and pop it into the freezer for at least eight hours, so that your cake holds together. When you're ready to bring it out of the freezer, top your Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Cake with our luxurious chocolate ganache and some freshly whipped cream. Garnish the cake with crème de menthe chocolate mints, such as Andes, and some fresh mint sprigs.


[MUSIC] There are few things more refreshing than the combination of chocolate and mint. The best chocolate cakes almost always add some coffee or vinegar or some sort of acid, because that acid and that vinegar really brings out that chocolatey taste [MUSIC] This cake is a double dose, because it gets coffee and vinegar so the end result is very chocolatey, very indulging and very yummy. [MUSIC] Our mint chocolate chip ice cream cake combines decadent layers of devil's food cake with crunchy chocolate wafers and cooling creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream. [MUSIC] Chocolate Ganache is normally made on the stove top by combining chop chocolate and heavy cream but we simplify in this recipe by doing it in the microwave. [MUSIC] Topped with a luscious layer of chocolate ganache and super fresh whipped cream, this cake is to die for. [MUSIC] This mint chocolate chip ice cream cake is one our most requested Southern Living recipes. If it's not already in your dessert rotation, it's about to be. [MUSIC]
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