This reader recipe came to us from Anita Guidry in Church Point, Louisiana, and quickly became one of our most popular pound cake recipes. Pound cakes are a Southern staple, and we find an excuse to serve them at any notable Southern event. If you're having a baby shower, you'll likely find a pound cake gracing the dessert table. If someone's in the hospital – send them a pound cake. When your new next-door neighbors move in, a pound cake is the perfect 'welcome to the community' gesture. This sweet dessert recipe fits in with everything we do, and has made its way into the most classic Southern recipes that we hold dear. Many families have a pound cake recipe that's been passed down through generations – which is the sentiment behind Ms. Anita's recipe as well. With its soft, fluffy texture and perfectly browned crust, Sour Cream Pound Cake should be in every good Southern cook's repertoire.

Ms. Anita sent in her famous pound cake recipe – with slight hints of lemon and almond extracts – in 2006. We loved it so much that it became our June 2006 cover, complete with a hearty helping of bright, fresh peaches. Nearly ten years later, Anita's daughter Paula wrote a letter to our Editor in Chief telling her mom's story.

"I wanted to touch base with you concerning the June 2006 cover of Southern Living. The pound cake recipe on the cover is my mother’s recipe, Anita Guidry, from Church Point, LA. She is currently 95 years old so when that recipe was published she was a mere 86 years old. She is remarkable as she still cooks for herself and others, checks her stock on her computer and is self-sufficient. She is still a Southern Living reader to this day, I would guess one of your older readers and contributors. I don’t need to tell you, that us Southerners are all about good food and eating and my mother is no different, she was always a great cook, winning many competitions for her cooking. She also made sure that we all (of her children) knew how to cook and we in turn have made sure that all of our children know how to cook. Needless to say Southern Living has played a big part in this story. Thanks for all of the years of great recipes, garden tips and travel articles, we have greatly enjoyed your publication. The photo is of her and my children and 1 spouse. She is the one in the middle."

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