Have You Heard Of Southern Momma?

If you've been on Facebook lately, you may have seen a few videos floating around of a man in a ponytail and a thick accent yelling about snow. Meet Darren Knight – a.k.a. Southern Momma. This Southside, Alabama comedian has made waves on social media with his viral mom-focused series, Southern Momma, featuring a humorous take on some of the crazy things we've heard our mamas say in the house. It may sound like a strange concept, but his oh-so-popular videos about how Southerners act during snowstorms and sassy advice our mamas told us about dating have resonated with folks all over the South. So, who is Southern Momma? According to Darren, he pulls his inspiration 40% from his own Southern mama, and 60% from his grandma, who's a bit more animated. "They are a heavy influence behind the character of Southern Momma." Darren was once asked if his mom and grandmother have ever been offended by some of the material and how accurate it was, and he said, "No – they totally know where that material's coming from and they agree 110%."


Come here to me, come here to me right now, come here to me, come here to me. [MUSIC] I'm Darren Knight, now AKA Southern Momma, and I'm from the south side of Alabama there in east Central Alabama. I like to say that 40% of Southern Mom, is inspired by my own mom. The other 60% my grandmother because she's a little bit more animated. And so they are a heavy influence behind the character Southern Mom. Howdy girl, how you all doing? Good. Good to see you Patsy. I seen them backing that new double-wide in there, girl. [LAUGH] I was asked in an interview one time if my mom and grandmother, if maybe they got offended to an extent about the material and how accurate it was. I said no. They totally know where that material is coming from and they agree 110%. She's just jealous, she's jealous cuz yours got that new garden tub in it girl I got one too I aint took a bath in it but twice. Use the shower wash the dogs out all the time you're gonna love it. People in the south are so much different and in a good way. Honey please go get my sun tan lotion. We just have a different way of thinking down here, and we want our children to be contributing members of society, and sometimes that means correcting your children and disciplining them. I might get your mother. I'll come over there and whip your little **** too, son. That southern mom, I believe, I would explain her to be very nurturing and loving. And but also can get the job done when she needs to. Gome here to me, come here to me, ,come here to me, come here to me. Run in a circle, run in a circle.
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