Find Out Where Coins Go After You Toss Them In A Fountain

Ever wonder where that penny you threw in the fountain goes after you've made your wish? When it comes to wishing wells, there are hundreds of thousands of coins that are thrown into wells every year. Many fountains have an associated charity or organization that the money goes to. In Rome, tourists toss coins into the famous Trevi Fountain over their left shoulder with the wish that they'll be able to come back. In total, all of these coins average out to be around $15,000 a week – or a million dollars a year. Whether you're wishing for true love or throwing in a penny for good luck, you'll be happy to know that these coins don't just go to waste. Coinage tells us what some of the world's biggest fountains do with those tons of coins each year, and the answer is quite surprising. So, next time you're passing by a fountain (especially a famous Roman fountain) be sure to toss in a penny or two.


[MUSIC] Coinage, life well spent presented by GEICO. For all the dreamers out there it's hard to walk past a fountain and not toss a coin with a wish in tow. We can't tell you whether that wish will come true, but we do know what happens to the coin. Rome is home to the famous Trevi Fountain, where's it's said that if you toss a coin over your left shoulder, you are guaranteed to return. Who would pass that up? This prospect leads to an accumulation of $15,000 a week, and almost $1 million dollars a year. All that money is distributed to the needy by Caritas. A Catholic charity. After you've gambled most of your money away on Blackjack in Vegas, stop by the lake at the Bellagio and contribute a penny or three. It helps add up to approximately 12 000. Dollars a year. Eventually it gets cleaned up by a giant vacuum. In 2010 the balaji reportedly handed over the proceeds to habitat for humanity. At the epically large mall of America in Minnesota. Visitors wishes are worth $2000 a month. Which is also donated to various charities and non profits. Fountains at the 25 Rainforest Cafe locations around the world collected $25,000/year. The restaurant then donates those funds to environmental charities. And in 2014 Disney World donated $18,000 for charities focused on children and foster care for its fountains. So if it turns out that a penny wasn't actually enough to make your wish come true, you can take comfort in knowing that it may have at least helped someone else. Coinage, life, well spent. Presented by Geico. [MUSIC]
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