Southern Millennials React To Pickled Pigs' Feet

Our grandparents may have been huge fans of pickled pigs' feet, but what happens when you put a plate of the Southern fare in front of millennials? Let's just say that it wasn't the warm welcome that the pigs were hoping for. But, to the Southern millennials' defense, every one of them tried it.


[MUSIC] Ew. What is this? [MUSIC] Mm. Well, like. It's meat. It looks like it has, there's some cartilage. This is, yeah. And some vein there. That's good. It kinda just looks like wet meat. I'm not excited about it. [BLANK_AUDIO] Am I really supposed to eat this? No, I'm not vegetarian. But this might make me vegetarian. [MUSIC] No. [MUSIC] [SOUND] It's sweet. And gelatinous. Very fleshy. It seems meaty but it just kind of melts away. What is this? [LAUGH] My grandmother would like have a cow if she knew that I didn't probably know what this was. It's a pickle what? Pickled pigs feet. God. My god. My god. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] No! [LAUGH] Everything is fine. I am just so totally okay with this. [LAUGH] When I think of the thing that people actually like ate. I wanna go burst my teeth now though. [LAUGH] Pickled pig's feet. [LAUGH] That's so bad! [LAUGH] Why would you do this to someone. [LAUGH]
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