Southern Millennials React To Molded Tuna Rings

Some of our most popular Southern Living recipes are made with gelatin – like classic Tomato Aspic. This Molded Tuna Ring recipe, which ran in our April 1974 issue, was made with tuna, egg, and mayo. So, of course we served it to Southern millennials. Their reactions may surprise you!


[BLANK_AUDIO] I thought it was a doughnut. [MUSIC] This look was very fancy, but I'm pretty sure it's probably not good. It kinda looks like a weird chicken salad thing with like [INAUDIBLE] icing mayonnaise on top Okay, it's hard on the outside [LAUGH] What is this? Is this dip? Do you eat it with chips? It also looks like it should be a dessert gelatin, but I'm pretty sure there's meat in this, so that can't be right. It's tuna fish its just gonna big was of it. Mm-hm. The sounds of this, it is like. [MUSIC] Okay I can deal with this. Not terrible, maybe with like a cracker. Now I'm really nervous because this is really good, please don't tell me it's something gross. Molded tuna ring. Okay. It's a molded double ring [UNKNOWN]. A tuna ring is what it's called. [UNKNOWN] Why is it molded? There's mold in it. Molded. [UNKNOWN] little bites. I thought mold. [LAUGH] Okay. That still sounds horrible. Yeah, I think maybe a little better marketing would be a good choice. Tuna doughnut, I don't know just take off the mold part. [LAUGH] My grandma will probably still make this. Yes, my grandmother likes disgusting like, she'll to mix anything together. My grandma makes nice safe things like pompano grilled cheese and calls it a day. I don't think my family would ever mold food and in different shapes. It's not fried enough for my grandmother. If it was life or death I would choose this. [LAUGH] This isn't sound like it would be going- [LAUGH] Place. Can I keep this? Not my best things, thanks. [LAUGH]
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