Southern Grandparents Try Neck Tape

Have you heard of neck tape? It’s billed as an adhesive that can take years off of your appearance in just one step. It promises to work by tightening the loose skin on your neck and creating an illusion of tighter, firmer skin. Those are big promises for a little strip of tape. So does it work? Will our grandparents approve? We enlisted the help of some of our favorite Southerners to figure out just what neck tape is and just how it works. Watch some of our adorable Southern grandparents discover neck tape and try to figure out where to put it, how to apply it, and if they like it. Neck tape is no easy feat to master, but if anyone can do it, it’s definitely our much loved Southern grandparents. Check out our other videos of grandparents reacting to Snapchat, virtual reality, bubble tea, and bourbon. What would Nana think about taking 10 years off her look?


Okay. I'm getting ready to eliminate your double chin. It says, it can take years to off your appearance by tightening the loose skin. You get all this stuff held up. It's a beauty allusion. [LAUGH] I can't believe this is a real product. This is a real product? And is this the tape? I think I'd rather have a wrinkle. [MUSIC] Determine the size you need, cut and apply to the back of your neck. Where do you put it? [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Do I look ten years younger? How long is this supposed to last? Okay, where you want me to lift? Yeah. Now wait. Okay, now see if that's on. Did it work? My God. [LAUGH] Yes. That's it. That's it right there. Uh-huh. Okay, and you pull. Mm-hm. And you look ten years younger. [LAUGH] And all it took was some tape. Man, you're just gonna be darling. Don't pull my hair out. Let's see. Let's see how this would work for the wrinkles there. Did that help any? That does help. It does. But I'm gonna do my own. Okay. Can we go home like this? Now, really, that makes a difference. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] You idiot.>>Ow.>>You want another one here?>>The picture makes it look really good.>>I mean I wouldn't go out and wear this. People would think I was an idiot.>> [LAUGH] I like it.>>I may be old but I'm still hot. Even though it comes in flashes. [LAUGH]
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