Southern Grandparents Try Moonshine

What is that clear liquid? One whiff, and it’s simply unmistakable. The reactions to moonshine are as varied as the personalities doing the sipping, so we got a few Southern grandparents to find out just what a glass of real moonshine tastes like. Their reactions just might surprise you. Moonshine is a high-proof spirit that is notorious for its strong smell and its elevated alcohol content. Moonshine gets its name from the way it was once produced, which was at night, in secret, and by the light of the moon. We’ve already enlisted our Southern grandparents’ help in trying out all sorts of perplexing and surprising things, including Snapchat, virtual reality, bubble tea, and bourbon. Their reactions are always priceless. So do our Southern grandparents appreciate a sip of moonshine? Is it just strong alcohol, or will it be less than pleasant? Watch the video to to find out and see their reactions.


What are we supposed to do with this? That does smell just like alcohol. Well, that's what it is. This smells like rubbing alcohol. Definitely alcohol. Vinegar? [SOUND] That's bad. [MUSIC] In my younger days I did partake. [COUGH] wait a minute let me try it again. It's not dangerous right, it's not? [LAUGH] What is it? Looks like moonshine to me. Why would anybody drink that? What proof is it? It tastes about like that stuff we used to buy at the bootleggers in the food jars at Ruby's, remember? Gosh, that is awful. I think it's pretty good. [LAUGH] You took too big a swallow. Don't taste it again Jane, it'll kill you. That's delicious, it's good moonshine. Some high quality moonshine. You did buy it. Can you buy this? I didn't think it was legal. I didn't think you could buy it. I might rub some on my knee. That is the strongest stuff I have ever put in my mouth. I have.>>> It is pretty strong. Wow. That counts as my once a month my doctor says I can have. [laughs]>>> Maybe we should toast. Toast.>>> [laugh]
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