Southern Grandparents Share Their Love Stories

If you've ever sat in your Grandma's living room and listened to her recount the story of how your Grandpa Bill first asked her on a date, you'll know how special these love stories are to a family's heritage. There aren't many more tales that could compete with how your Pop Pop proposed to your Nana, and there isn't a dry eye in the room when a couple who's reached 50+ years of marriage tells you that it's been the best ride of their life. In appreciation and fascination of these beautiful, generational stories, we sat down with a few of our favorite Southern grandparents to hear their own love stories. It's a privilege to share the moments and memories that have built up years of tradition, heritage, and legacy – and you'll want to grab the whole family to watch these Southerners tell their stories. Tell us – how did your grandfather meet your grandmother?


You know, we've been married 43 years Yeah So you might wanna [LAUGH] You know, Princess Diana said, whatever love is. Yeah, yeah. No, he didn't, Charles said it. Was it? Yeah, Charles said it. Okay. [MUSIC] He started kinda asking me something, but he couldn't write, is this how you remember it? [LAUGH] I don't remember it. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] My proposal was on the telephone. I think we need to get married. And I said, well, we gonna talk about this first. I can't actually remember that Thomas did propose. He brought me his grandmothers ring. 70 And he got all mony and said yes. [LAUGH] He can't quite get it out and I think I finally said, are you asking me to marry you? [LAUGH] When she left I asked him who she was and he told me that it was g/ or sisters. [INAUDIBLE] Sister. And anyway the rest is history. And we've been married 55 years. We'll see if he remembers. [LAUGH] 35 years. He got it. [LAUGH]
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