Southern Grandparents React To Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the newest technological advancement in video gaming, so we decided to test it out on our favorite people: Southern grandparents. Some visited a scenic cliff, some shot arrows at castle intruders, and some killed zombies. All of them were thrilled.


My first game that I ever played was with my children, and it was pacman. Atari, Donkey Kong. Scrabble's not a video game. Yes you can get that can't you? Have you guys heard of virtual reality. Yes. That's what you're gonna do. You've gotta be kidding. I have heard of virtual reality. [INAUDIBLE] It's like an illusion i guess. So it's more of, so to say. Are you sure we need to do this? [LAUGH] This thing have a tendency to make people dizzy by any chance? No. Like vertigo. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] See these things? Yes. What is that. Reach out and grab them. This, they're controllers, there you go. This is awesome. [LAUGH]. Them. These here, there you go. How do you get them now? Here, just try to gather. Can I help her? Right there. There's suppose to be a creature or some sort I suppose. This is absolutely gorgeous. Is it? Yes. Well, I can't wait. Yeah, ooh, that makes my knees feel funny. That's a cliff there. Like I'm getting closer and closer to it. You all trying to make me fall. This is gorgeous. How fun. My word. Oops sorry you're in my way I can't shoot. My goodness there's the sky. [LAUGH]. So I'm supposed to shoot the zombies. Just don't let get too close to me, whoa shoot. I see a Zombie walking toward me. He is not dying? [UNKNOWN] I'm not killing him. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Got him. [INAUDIBLE] Yes I love it when the head flies off. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That, now I can't see. It's all red. I died. Sorry. What is that? It's a little dog. Isn't he cute? What is that? [LAUGH] I see a space dog. Wait a minute. What's [UNKNOWN]. I can't do it. I'm usually not real good to this. I didn't take archery in college. I think that's absolutely amazing. Amazing. I love it, I mean I thought it was fantastic I'd like to have one. It was so realistic for me too. Yeah. I mean I felt like I was right there on the edge and it was real. That's a little bit different than Atari.
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