Southern Grandparents React To Bubble Tea

This creamy tea filled with tapioca beads is a trendy drink, so we tested it against the seasoned palates of our Southern grandparents. Some were unimpressed with the gummy beads at the bottom, while others "wished they were blueberries."


Looks good. Cold. Refreshing. [MUSIC]. Well it's got chocolate chips and it does. It's not a joke putting. [LAUGH]. I don't know what that is. Rice, a blue berries. Big straws. Yeah. Cuz of the big balls in the bottom. [LAUGH]. Chew it. Slimy. Slimy but they don't have much taste to them. It's a It's like you wanted it to be blueberry but it's not. The taste surely [UNKNOWN] are not good. Nope. [LAUGH] I'm no cheat. I'm not sure I want to [UNKNOWN] what this is. Tapioca beads? Tapioca, wow, I remember tapioca pudding. That would explain why they taste- Uh-huh. Gummy. Yeah. It's that bubble teasta. What? Bubble tea. Bubble tea. Are the balls suppose to be the bubbles. [LAUGH] Yes. I understand now why we got the big straws. It is. I'm not apologize from Mud. Out of touch in this I guess, whatever you call this. This is a college kid thing, right? Okay. I do some bubble tea. I think I would too. I'm all about the hip stuff, yeah.
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