Southern Grandparents Play Speak Out

Who doesn’t love playing fun board games, especially one that can get our grandparents involved? We enlisted our favorite Southern grandparents and challenged them to a few rounds of the viral game Speak Out, where they try and guess what the other is saying before the buzzer sounds. There’s just one catch: they have to say the distinctly Southern phrases while wearing a mouthpiece. Two of our grannies surprisingly thought the mouthpiece was a shower curtain or a retainer–ha! Much like their hilarious reactions to other pop culture influences, like Snapchat, virtual reality, and the Dab, prepare to laugh uncontrollably as you watch these grandparents attempt to spit it out. Grandparents always teach us the best lessons. And if there’s one thing we can all learn from them, it’s that you should never talk with your mouth full. In the video, that message comes through rather loud but not so clear.


A shower curtain holder. [MUSIC] And that looks like- Something you'd put in your mouth? I know what this is. No. No. I won't even hazard to guess. I do know what that is. It goes in your mouth. No! [MUSIC] Yeah, it's that thing you put in your mouth to do that game. This is gonna be so embarrassing. How do you put that in your mouth. [MUSIC] Turn it around. This way. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Like this? That's attractive. Yeah, it is. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I can't even start the sentence. [LAUGH] Mind your manners. This is [INAUDIBLE] napkin. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Ruggy? [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Ugly? [INAUDIBLE] Hug a bug. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Auggy. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I give up. I don't know. Uggy, uggy. Huggy? Buggy? [NOISE] That's it! Too big for his britches. Too big for his britches. [CHEER] [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] Pitching a fit. Pitching a fit. [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Tan your hide. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] What? [INAUDIBLE] like a sinner in church. Sweating like a sinner in church. [NOISE] This is a game? It's a game. That is terrible. [LAUGH] It is! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Terrible. [LAUGH]
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