Southern Grandparents On Online Dating

"You can't find your true love sittin' in a bar! You have to go out and find them." It could certainly be argued that our Southern grandparents have more relationship wisdom than anyone else in our lives – after all, many of them have been married for 40+ years. As convential dating or courting is not necessarily what the majority of the younger generation has chosen these days, we thought that we'd pit the wisdom of Nana and Papa against the concept of online dating. What do they think about the process? "I worry sometimes about the kids who have 1000 friends on Facebook, but yet never connect one-on-one," a grandma shared. Several of the Southern grandparents have had friends on, but others are fascinated that someone would go online in search of their true love. "You used to have to get up the nerve to call someone on the phone," one grandpa shared. "Now you can just shoot them a text message."


[MUSIC] I've noticed that people are looking for partners on social media. I think the relationships have changed a great deal with the young people. I worry sometimes about kids who have have, you know, 1,000 friends on Facebook or whatever but yet never connect one one one.>> I do know several people that have used, I have not. [LAUGH] Haven't had to. You can't find your true love sitting at the bar. You have to go out and find them. You can't just get them at social media. You get up the nerve to call somebody, and now it's just as simple as send them a text, or send them a comment on Facebook or something like that. I'm still fascinated by that, that you would even consider going online to find some, but I have lot of friends that have done it. The young people now need to go into relationships for the long hall. They go into it, say well if that marriage didn't work out, whoop. We've got family members that's on their third and fourth wife. Yeah, it's, that's the first thing to remember, that this is a commitment. Yes. And it's made before God. And it is for the long haul. Well, they say love makes the world go round. Someone had three or four loves. [LAUGH] And we older generation text. Because that's what our children do. And we FaceTime, so we do it all. Well, they have FaceTime. Well, sure. I can do that. We up here, girl, we got the tech going on. [LAUGH] God.
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