Southern Grandparents Learn Hip Hop Dancing

You've seen your grandmother pull off the perfect bundt cake in no time at all – but have you ever seen her Dab? We tested our favorite Southerners against some modern hip hop moves, and the results are sure to make you laugh. Can you imagine Nana trying to Whip and Nae Nae? Or, PopPop learning how to Juju On That Beat? We brought in dance instructor Jade Maghoney to show our these Southerners a little bit of what's popular with the kids these days, and our favorite sweet, wise grandparents gave every trendy hip hop move their best effort. From the footwork to the arm movements, these Southern grandmas and grandpas popped, locked, and dropped their way into our hearts – bad needs and all. Plug in your headphones, because you'll want to turn up the music. Stay tuned to the end to see these Southern grandparents pull off a hip hop dance routine!


Okay, so first, you're gonna put your legs together like this. This is called a schmoney dance. We both have bad knees. Okay. This is called the stanky leg. So you're gonna step out on the right. Stanky leg? I'm not sure I want a stanky leg. Stanky leg. Come on, man, we're gonna- > Smack that air. Smack thar air. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Shmoney. Shmoney. Shmoney. Yes. So with Shmoney you're going to step out on the right and then you're going to circle your arms. This is called the dab. You're going to hit the dab. Boom. So right here your going to step on the right, and this one is called Juju on that beat. So then this is called the whip and nae nae your going to put your left Just stomp and you'll go whip. Just wave it, wave it, wave it. Here we go. [MUSIC]
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