Southern Grandparents Guess The Expensive Bourbon

We love us some bourbon in the South, so it's only natural that we would recruit some Southern grandparents for a 'this or that' bourbon tasting. With their refined palates and love of the classics, we gave them one bourbon that was the cheapest around, and another of a higher grade. Can you guess which one they liked best?


Well I haven't had much bourbon since I was in college. [LAUGH] I moved on to scotch. [MUSIC] I listed the outside one first Ann. Do that one. Why? I don't know. Wait, you're supposed to smell it. Yeah. I am. [SOUND] Mm. Mm. [LAUGH] [COUGH] [LAUGH] A little strong. Ooh, I haven't had straight bourbon in a long time. I've never had it and I really like it. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Am i going to catch fire? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] God, you're really contemplating on this. Well no, I'm Just trying to get my breath. [LAUGH] Probably as a bourbon drinker, they'd both be good. I can't even smell now. [LAUGH] Which one do you like best? I prefer the one on the left. [INAUDIBLE] I think so too. I think this is the better here. Yeah, this is I will have to say this one. That had more of the kick to it as I was expected. My lips are hurting. Can we mix some? Well, let's have a little sip. Wait, we'll cheer. [LAUGH]
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