Southern Grandmas On The Joys Of Motherhood

In honor of the women who raised us, and the women who raised our mothers, we sat down to talk with our favorite Southern grandmothers on the joys of motherhood. Motherhood, especially in the South, is a revered role. Our mothers are remarkably patient and generous with their time, and have an uncanny way of telling us exactly what we need to hear, when we need to hear it. Southern Mamas are our inspiration, our motivation, and our celebration – so, it's only natural that we wanted to hear straight from the women that we love. These Southern mamas chatted about what they love most about being a mom, what their own mothers taught them, and the values that they wanted to pass down to their own kids. "Being a mom is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me," said one of the grandmothers. We also found a common thread among many of the grandmothers: "I love that they have grandchildren!"


[MUSIC] Being a mom is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I think seeing my children laugh and smile and enjoying life. I was in my element raising my kids. The rewards come when they become adults. And you get to see them assume the role that you had all those years with them. I love that they have grandchildren. [LAUGH] And I especially have loved it now that my daughters are grown. And well, they're just my best friends. [MUSIC] The way she lived showed me how to live. I never will forget she told me to practice my piano, which I didn't do. You were part of the work force, and that an idle man's mind is the devil's workshop. That used to scare me to death when I was little. Pick your battles.>> She also wanted me to be kind to others and to go to church. We were always made to go to church and sent to school.>> But she always, I never understood why she did this. But she always said, don't fold your arms.>> Do always save money, do not spend everything you have.>> Go to school.>> But she tell me, she said Believe only half of what you say and none of what you hear.>> So my mother taught me to live in every moment in every, the past is gone, the feature we don;t know what it brings and today is the most important day. [MUSIC] Manners, being a courteous And leaving a legacy for their family. Mostly politeness, yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank you. Well manners for one thing. One of the things I've always liked about the South is that they say yes ma'am and no ma'am. I wasn't particularly interested in They're saying yes ma'am, no sir such as that just a plain yes, no would do. Not to fight. [LAUGH] To do the right thing. Not lie. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Keeping your word. When you say you're going to do something, do it. If you say you're going to do something, Do it>>Not to swear>>And then a good work ethic>>Admit to your mistakes, learn from your mistakes>>I was raised with people that thought manners and graciousness were very important>>I would think these are values for any any place in the world but I think, first of all is love. Love for yourself, love for others. The love of sitting on a nice table. [LAUGH] It's a Southern tradition.
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