One Man Is Changing His Community With A Lawn Care Business

Rodney Smith Jr. is no ordinary Alabama man. In 2015, Smith founded Raising Men Lawn Care in Huntsville. The organization mentors and recruits local youth to take care of lawns for the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and veterans in the community. Smith, originally from the island of Bermuda, sought to establish a program that inspires the young men of Huntsville to "learn and understand their value in society." His co-founder, Terrence Stroy, also emphasized how the program is bringing back "Southern love and diverse love" to the community. Raising Men Lawn Care encourages the youth in other cities to mow lawns with 'The 50 Yard Challenge', as well. Participants earn different colors of Raising Men Lawn Care shirts – no matter where they live – for every 10 lawns that they mow. Kids around the country can also start their own chapter of RMLC; the organization's goal is to have a chapter in all 50 states.


[NOISE] [MUSIC] We've been out here, well, it started with me way back in 2015 and I decided to cut lawns free for the elderly, disabled. Single parent mothers and the veterans out there showing the elderly men outside cutting grass in November sometimes. And the idea of Raising Men Lawn Care Service came alive. [MUSIC] I want to, yeah, make the world a better place. You don't see that much people helping out anymore, so when we can come by and help someone. It feels good to know that we're giving back to our community, we're influencing a lot of people not just in Hounsfield but nationwide they are doing the same thing, getting out and doing the same thing just because they see us. So it feels good to start a trend. [MUSIC] The boys come from different backgrounds, but they come together There's one common purpose in this. To help out. They have a lot of similarities they find out. And it's a brotherhood. They're building a brotherhood with each other.>> You gotta make a monster.>> [LAUGH] Make a Monster.>> You'll pay attention. Take care about the protocol/g.>> Put that on the ground. All right you wanna put this in the holes There's a lot of kids out here that don't have fathers or the absentee father. They are in their life for a moment, you know. And we kind of take the weight off, you know, of on a lot of the kids of having a male figure that genuinely allow them, you know, to grow to be themselves. We also get them structured at the same time. You come introduce yourself new dude! Come on over here man. Caleb Douglas? I'm Terrance Story man, nice to meet you dude. Nice to meet you too. Uh-huh man. [MUSIC] [NOISE] This is little Nico. Team mascot, Terrance's son. This is the little man right here.. [LAUGH] [NOISE] He gets paid for cuteness. [LAUGH] I'm from the island of Bermuda. So like in Bermuda it's called the Bermudian way, when we help somebody. So that's what I'm trying to bring back, to just help someone if you can. If you're able, just do it. And now what it's doing, this program is You can see it, you like saying that southern love is actually starting to come back out more and it's diverse and that's the main part. You know its diverse love coming out. I can whole it like a baby. What we're doing, it's not just a need in Huntsville but it's a need world-wide. So, the goal is to help as many as we can, open as many chapters as we can, and get as many young people as we can involve. [SOUND] I'm ready now, tell them I'm ready now. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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