These Zoos Are in the Most Adorable Online War Ever

Alexandra Beier / Getty Images
When zoos fight, we all win.

We’re not ones to get too wrapped up in social media drama, but when a Twitter feud is this cute, you better believe we’re grabbing the popcorn.

The cutest social media war in history began last week when the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. tweeted a photo of its baby gray seal pup, and unknowingly threw down the gauntlet.

A Twitter user responded to the post challenging the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach to match the cuteness. “#challengeaccepted,” the aquarium responded, along with a photo of one of its otters being visited by an osprey.

The National Zoo responded by upping the ante, tweeting a photo of its endangered Bornean orangutan infant named Redd. “Do you fold yet?," it quipped. Hardly. In no time, the Virginia Aquarium responded with a photo of a baby turtle.

The cuteness continued, and eventually more zoos joined the fun, using the hashtag #cuteanimaltweetoff. The Bronx Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Philadelphia Zoo, Zoo Miami, Los Angeles Zoo, Georgia Aquarium and more all contributed photos of their cutest residents.

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