Ultimate Doggy Beach Bag

Eight travel essentials to keep your dog happy and safe on a trip.

1. Treats If you're going to enjoy a seafood dinner at the beach, splurge on fish sticks for Fido too. These crunchy fish treats are all-natural and hand-rolled. Cod Skin, from $13.95; polkadog.com

2. Place Mat Keep your pet from dirtying up your vacation digs. Designate an eating spot for him with this laminated place mat. Orange Gingham Feeding Mat, $9; olivegreendog.com

3. Water Bowl In the car, on the beach, or at the condo, it's imperative to keep your pet hydrated in the heat. This handsome waxed-cotton bowl folds into a tidy square with a brass snap closure. Raleigh Waterbowl, from $32; billywolfnyc.com

4. Collar and Leash What better way to lead your pup to the beach than with matching nautical-inspired pieces? Rope Collar and Leash in Neon Yellow (sold separately), from $54; foundmyanimal.com

5. Life Jacket Remember that not all dogs know how to swim. Be safe and prepared with a can't-miss bright orange life preserver. Aussie Naturals Life Jacket for Pets, from $22; amazon.com

6. Tote Stow all of your pup's gear in this American-made canvas bag. Make it personal and preppy by adding a name or monogram. Open-Top Boat and Tote Bag with Regular handles in Black, from $24.95; llbean.com

7. Bed Your dog shouldn't have to sleep on the floor just because his usual bed would take up the whole backseat. This portable one has a strap to keep it rolled tight. Classic Stripe Bedroll in Brown, from $77; wayfair.com

8. Toy The angular sides of this lightweight, easy-to-see ball keep it from rolling under the seats while you're riding in the car. Hol-ee Roller in Green, from $5; amazon.com

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