This New Site Will Help You Find the Perfect Dog

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff
It's like online dating, but for adopting a furry friend

There’s a new website in town taking the idea of puppy love quite literally.

Drawing from popular online human dating services, Paws Like Me uses a personality quiz to match potential adopters with their perfect dog match. Picture the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, just with a human on one side of the table.

The quiz takes into account four main components: energy, confidence, focus and independence, to determine exactly what you’re looking for in a pet. A total of 39 questions, which range from “I like a dog that licks my face and snuggles in my lap: Agree or disagree?” to “I prefer to be directing people/be in charge: Agree or disagree?” point suitors to the best available matches and arranges them by compatibility.

"After running a rescue group for eight years, I knew how much people struggled with identifying the right pet for their family, and unfortunately, there isn't much guidance available beyond traditional breed characteristics," CEO and cofounder Elizabeth Holmes told Tech Insider.

And because 75% of dogs in US shelters are mixed breeds, the founders came up with a personality-based algorithm that sees beyond traditional breed behaviors. The algorithm, which was developed with the help of a social worker and a veterinarian, takes into account what adopters need in a dog, and what each dog needs in a home and goes from there.

Take the quiz here and find your furry soulmate now.

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