Carrie Underwood Jumped Out Of a Perfectly Good Airplane

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
And she has the pics to prove it

In a true “Jesus Take the Wheel” moment, country star Carrie Underwood jumped out of a plane this past weekend while on tour in Sydney, Australia—and she has the pics and a certificate to prove it!

“Still can't believe I did this!” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo that was taken right before the big leap at 14,000 in the air.

Underwood followed up with a slew of pics that were taken as she soared through the sky like a superhero.

But the best part of Underwood’s skydiving experience was the Instagram video she posted before taking the plunge. She teased fans by lip syncing along to a series of songs about flying: “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” “Jump,” and “Free Fallin’,” just to name a few.

Congrats on your death-defying feat, Carrie! And just keeping on theme here, we’re super thankful you didn’t get “Blown Away.”

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