Brett Eldredge Found a Snake in His Toilet While Vacationing in the Caribbean

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

File this one along with our worst fears. “I Wanna Be That Song” crooner Brett Eldredge was celebrating the New Year in the Caribbean when he received an unwanted guest in his swanky hotel room. The 30-year-old posted a video on Wednesday documenting his discovery of a giant snake hanging out in his toilet bowl.

“Here we are, it’s the morning and I was going to take a leak— start the day, you know, it’s how you start the day. And I walk in here and what do we have? A beautiful New Year’s snake,” Eldredge tells the camera as he pans to the slithery animal curled up in his toilet. “Holy shhhh…. ow. Oh he’s got a big body. He’s got a real big body. Hey buddy, what are you doing? What are we gonna do?”

Eldredge continues to film as a man fishes the reptile out of the singer’s porcelain throne with a piece of wood and successfully removes it from the bathroom. The star also provided an important reminder, writing “Before ya go to the bathroom...DON’T FORGET TO LOOK DOWN” alongside the hair-raising clip.

After that, we certainly won’t.

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