Amy Grant's Daughter Donated Her Kidney to Her Best Friend

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
What an incredibly selfless act.

Amy Grant’s daughter, Gloria Mills “Millie” Chapman, has a heart of gold, but it’s her kidney that’s saving a life.

The contemporary Christian singer’s oldest daughter (the one who inspired “Baby Baby”) with ex-husband Gary Chapman donated a kidney to her best friend, Kathryn Dudley, on Tuesday. The day before she went into surgery, her father asked fans to pray for his 27-year-old daughter on Facebook.

“This is my oldest daughter, Gloria Mills Chapman. Tomorrow morning she is donating a kidney to her best friend, Kathryn,” he wrote on Facebook. “They’ve known each other their entire lives and when Kathryn was in need, turns out Millie was a perfect match. I’m so proud of her, words fail me. Please say a prayer for them both and trust, with me, that they are in His hands.”

Grant’s spokesperson confirmed to The Tennessean that the surgery was a success and said that both women were in recovery Tuesday evening.

“We are so proud of Millie’s selfless act of friendship and are grateful that both girls are doing well after yesterday’s surgeries,” Grant wrote on her Facebook page Wednesday.

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