Why The Love For Southern Momma?

Comedian Darren Knight has mastered the voice of Southern Momma – a viral comedy bit that he says is inspired by his own Southern mom and grandmother. The Alabama comedian believes that the franchise has become so popular around the region, mainly, because so many people can relate to it. We've all got this strong Southern mama – whether we have one ourselves, we know one, or we are one. Southern Momma is based on "stuff we've all done and can relate to." It's also relatable because of the wide range of age groups that it appeals to. Darren's audience isn't limited by age, race, or gender – it's made up of all different people coming together for a good laugh over something that bonds us – Southern mamas. "These are things we all heard growing up, and things we still say to the kids in our families today." Join Darren as he talks about what inspires his comedy routine and why Southern Momma is relevant to all Southerners.


Come on, put that down. Don't get that ketchup on them uniforms. Thems was expensive. [MUSIC] Well, I believe it's because so many people can relate to her. Well I'm gonna tell you right now, she's embarrassed her whole damn family down there at the hardware store. I mean, they don't even want her down there. They don't even want her down there. There's something as simple as you make a joke about pumping gas at the gas station or whatever. Stuff that We've all done and can relate to, and I think that another reason that it took off the way it did is not only because it's so relatable, because different age groups can relate to it. Randy! Randy! Get them geese out of my garden, I'm finna tear every one of them up! Doesn't matter what age, what race you are, these are things that we all heard growing up, stuff that we still say to the kids in our family today. And I think that a lot of other people heard some of the same things. Girl, I don't have time for that. I don't really look at myself so much as the star. We come from very humble beginnings, so we don't really Titling myself with that. You know, if the people of the south they want to title me with that then that's fine. And how do I feel about that, I feel great about it. Bailey quit chasing them damn chickens. My biggest thing with this is that if people are smiling and laughing then I'm happy. That's the whole thing.
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