Livin' in the South with Southern Momma

Southern culture is very different from the rest of the country. Comedian Darren Knight – best known for his viral Southern Momma bit – knows just how unique it is. We chatted with the Alabama native about how he celebrates the region in his comedy. "The hospitality down here is amazing, and we're known for that." He also sometimes pokes fun at the way our Southern mamas tend to comment on what's going on around the town. Darren talks about the difference of having a comedy show in the north and in the South. In the South, he says, the audience is much less likely to tell you if they don't like what you're saying or they don't think it's funny. "Our audience is so nice," said Darren. Above all, though, Darren says that he's very proud to be from the region that inspires his work. "Y'all are gonna make me tear up over here!" he joked. "I love the South."


I didn't know we had this many cars in this damn town, move! Mr. King, move your car! [MUSIC] The hospitality down here is amazing, and you know, we're known for that. Aww, he didn't look like that when he was a baby [LAUGH] ooh wee. Shut up Randy, hell! I got a lot of friends that have moved up north, and then they turn back around and move back. And I've got a lot of friends that have moved from the north and they stay. Whose dog is that? When we do comedy shows, there's a lot of times where it's like any other job. Not all my shows are the best shows that I've ever done. Put a [UNKNOWN]. Why do I have to come in here and do it for him? And in some cases, in some places you go, you may Audience may voice those concerns and they'll let you know they're not happy. You see in the south they don't really do that a lot, our audience is so nice. I know girl, I said the same thing, she's going to have to get those kids under control. I'm very proud of being from here, I'm sorry I'm straying away going to make me tear up over here, I love the south
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