Jenna Bush Hager On The Joys Of Being A Southern Mom

Southern mamas are near and dear to our hearts, and Mother's Day is one of many days that we love to celebrate the strong, powerful women in our lives – from grandmas, to mothers, to daughters. One of the country's most famous daughters, Jenna Bush Hager, is now a Southern mama herself – and there are few things that she's learned along the way. The mother of two young girls, Mila and Poppy, Jenna's had her fair share of learning curves with motherhood that we can all relate to, like watching our words and actions (which our kids will inevitably mimic). We sat down with the Dallas, Texas native and Southern Living Editor-At-Large to chat about all things Mother's Day: why she loves being a mom, what advice she'd share with other mothers, and what she hopes to pass on from her own mother. Jenna also shared some stories of her own childhood, and what she loved most about having former First Lady Laura Bush as her mother (hint – Laura loves music!).


Well, Mila has started saying very strange things. She'll say I like your boobs, I like your underpants. And that's the way she says it. I mean, we laugh at everything she does, even when it's Inappropriate and that's probably not good parenting advice, but we do it anyway. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I love everything about being a mom, although sometimes it can be the most difficult job. But I'll never get tired of the word mommy. My kids are so funny and fun and They just, I love seeing life through their eyes. It's opened up a whole new world. My mom is super gracious and did an amazing job of just allowing us to be ourselves. Which as a mom now I know how hard that is. I'm a little bit But louder, and bossier. And I just wanna let my kids feel free to be exactly who they are. [MUSIC] In Dallas, Texas, where we grew up, which is where we are right now, she would bait us and then she would send us on a conga line dancing to music. There was always music on in our house, my mom [MUSIC] Loves music and loves to dance. She's a secret Rastafarian. She loves Bob Marley. And we would dance to the pointer sisters. [MUSIC] Well I think what I've started doing for myself, as in motherhood, is to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I'm not filled with mom guilt, anymore, which I used to if I was traveling. And working away from home a lot, which I do. I would feel guilty, and then sometimes when I was home, I'd feel guilty. So I just started to let everything kind of go and have a blast. [MUSIC] I have not found the balance, so if anybody has any ideas, send them my way. I don't know, I just do the best I can day by day, and I think that's We've got into the discussion of balance so much, with women in particular. Nobody asks Henry, my husband, if he has found the balance. And so I think maybe just being easier on ourselves and allowing us to the best we can every day is all we can do. [MUSIC] Everything, I mean, I have to watch my mouth constantly and not Use words that I've sometimes used and then my daughter's repeated on the playground, and that's always humiliating. But, more than that, they emulate everything we do. So I just wanna be a great person so that they can watch that and take that out into the world in their own precious way. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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