Here's The Hardest Interview Question—And How to Answer It

Sometimes the simplest questions have the most complicated answers. When getting ready for an interview, most of us practice a few answers to questions that the new boss might ask. What are you looking for in a work environment? How do you feel about working on a team? What skills can you bring to the table? We've all got textbook answers for these interview questions, but what about when we're asked to describe who we are? And, no – it's not that ten second pitch you gave in middle school when you made the art collage of your family and dog Biscuit. This answer means a lot to your future employer, so you should learn how to shape it for the best results. Our friends at Coinage are here to tell us how to answer what is arguably the toughest interview question. And, they're also sharing how your answer could help you score the job. Follow along for some workplace advice that'll take your career to the next level.


Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. [MUSIC] So, tell me about yourself. That one interview question strikes fear in the hearts of applicants. But don't sweat it. When an interview are asked this, they aren't looking for your life story, or even a bulk by bulk explanation of your resume. This is your chance to share with the hiring manager why you are perfect fit for the job. Be positive and upbeat. Be ready with your elevator pitch. Who are you and what makes you tick? Still stumped? Talk about what your working on with your current role and projects that make you proud. Use this opportunity to explain you strengths thru examples of what you've done and love to do. Be professional, but also let your personality come through. Now get out there and show that hiring endure why you're the rock star who should get this job. [MUSIC] COINAGE Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO
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