Grandma's Best Advice For Southern Women

We believe that Southern women have a certain grace and beauty about them that's specific to our culture. So, we asked our favorite Southern women, our grandmothers, what it means in their eyes to be a strong Southern woman. And, of course, they gave us some incredible advice.


Yankee men love southern women. We have a lot of personality. Always saying how are ya? Southern women are strong. We laugh all the time, we talk a lot. When I open my mouth everyone knows where I'm from. Very hospitable. Always room at the table for one more. We want to hug and love and feed and help. In one word, you are a lady. You have nice manners. To be a southern woman is like a state of mind. They're laid back. You just don't get in a hurry. It's beauty, I believe, being a Southern woman. Southern beauty is on the inside. Just a beautiful spirit, not so much how the hair's looking today. [LAUGH] You know. [MUSIC] To always, when you visit with people, to first ask about Damn. Be gracious and be kind. Be proud of your heritage. Have some wonderful recipes that your family loves and they say to you, this is so good. Follow your dream. Don't let anybody tell you can't do it. Just being yourself and exactly who you are. And nothing else. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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