Mink Farming Will Get You Rich! And Other Financial Advice Not To Take From The Golden Girls

We absolutely love The Golden Girls here at Southern Living. The friendships between Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy have further inspired us to be the strong, sassy Southern women that we are and to love and support each other no matter what. The beloved ladies of The Golden Girls taught us a lot about aging gracefully, but they missed the mark when talking about financial responsibility. Whoops! Remember that one time when Rose took a 'donation' back and ruined a little girl's life? That's not how tax breaks work! The ladies of The Golden Girls were there for each other through thick and thin – including Miami hurricanes and cheesecake shortages – but they should've never gone into business together. As any financial advisor would attest, going into business with friends is not usually an optimal situation. Join Coinage's resident "Golden Girls" expert, H. Alan Scott, as he explains why these four Miami roommates' financial advice can't be trusted.


[MUSIC] Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. Hey I'm H. Alan Scott co-host of Out of the lanai, the only golden girls podcast you'll ever need to listen to. I'm also the owner of the world's most golden tattoo, BOOM!, look at it!. Those four sassy ladies from Miami have taught us a lot aging gracefully But one thing they are not are examples of financial responsibility, especially when it comes to those pesky things like laws. For example, when the girls got arrested for prostitution. Thank God you're here! Arrested for prostitution? I can't believe it! [LAUGH] Ladies of the night? Elicit activities is not sound financial advice. Sorry ladies! A great tax write off is a donation. But in the process, they ruined a child's life. I guess there's a lesson to be learned here. Sometimes life just isn't fair, kiddo. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] [LAUGH] I get it, she was annoying Rose, but you don't take a donation back, that's not how tax write-offs work. These ladies are there for each other, through think and thin, we're talking cheese cake [INAUDIBLE], hurricanes, but one thing they shouldn't do is go into business together. Forget it, I don't care, the minks can just sit there and we'll lose all our money, I don't care, just don't mention Spanish fly to me ever again. [LAUGH] The aphrodisiac you need is a clue, you live in Miami who's wearing mink coats in Miami ladies. For coinage, I may challenge Scott stay golden. Coinage, life, well spent, presented by Geico.
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