The Cast of Gilmore Girls Discuss the Infamous Four Final Words

Even though Gilmore Girls isn't technically based in the South, there are so many things that we love about the mother-daughter show. Our friends at PEN sat down with the stars of Stars Hollow to talk about why the show's legacy will live on forever. Watch the full episode on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)


[MUSIC] We could never have predicted we'd be here doing it again and that's because generations have continued to find it. And so one of the cool things about going back to do it for Netflix was people were exited already. [LAUGH]. There's a debate going on whether or not to take the phone booth out Great, would Superman change when he comes to save our town from Ben Affleck? I made the same excellent point. Coming back was just like everyday was, really, really like a party. Delicious. Explain to me again who that person is. Is something in life that doesn't happen very often, where you get another chance to do something that you love. In a new way. There was always something missing. And Gilmore Girls was great, and through all seven seasons it was great. But then we were able to finally tell the complete story, and put the period that was supposed to be there in the first place. So I think it'll help complete the circle. Amy Sherman-Palladino knew how the show was gonna end a long time ago. In fact, she had the four final words of the entire series planned. But of course. They didn't exactly produce that season, so now we're finally gonna get it in the revival. And we'll tell them to right now. [LAUGH] There's well guarded final four words will soon bring the story to an end. But the Gilmore girls will continue to capture hearts for years to come. I think the show is timeless. I think The way that Amy had been able to capture this town and these women and these characters, it was something that was elegant that's gonna last through centuries. This is gonna be one of those shows. That people continue to find and continue to enjoy over time. Isn't it wonderful? I had no perspective of that at the time. I don't think I could tell what people's perception of the show was especially when we were still filming but years later when people say it's effected their lives and they have those kinds of stories then I think
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