You Have To See This 5-Year-Old’s Hack For Tying Shoes

You’ve tried bunny ears. You’ve tried books. You’ve even shelled out money on tools. But nothing seems to work—will your child ever be able to tie his or her own shoes? Never say never. A five-year-old just might hold the secret, in this story reported by our friends at Real Simple. With this trick, your child's shoes will even be double-knotted.


My name is Colton and these are [INAUDIBLE] shoes. [INAUDIBLE] How old are you? I'm five. And i own these shoes. Okay. See this hole right here. [INAUDIBLE] Which hole? Right here. Okay, and what are you? You stick the end in there. You stick the end in there. Okay. And then you're gonna come and loop, and then. And then what do you do with that side? You do that again. Okay. That's my dad coming in. That's your dad? Can you turn your foot towards the camera a little bit, okay. Okay, so. You would twist them together. You cross them and then one goes under. One goes under. And you do that again. See, I got a- Not try to go too fast. And then it's a double knot, too. And then you pull this out. So it's double knotted and tied. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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