Fictional Southern Characters We Love

Did you know that before he boarded the USS Enterprise, Star Trek character Dr. "Bones" McCoy attended Ole Miss? Or, that before his term in office, Frank Underwood from House of Cards helped out on a peach farm in Gaffney, South Carolina? We love these fictional television show characters that are full of personality, sass, and humor.


Bazinga. Bazinga. [MUSIC] The point is he's rich, he's handsome, and we were made for each other. [MUSIC] America, I'm only getting started. [MUSIC] My name is McCoy, I'm a doctor. [MUSIC] There a problem with my burger? Just a couple of drunk redneck, that's all [MUSIC] All I'm gonna turn loose is about a pound of buckshot. [MUSIC] Where will things go? They left me nothing but these wire hangars? I hate wire hangars! No more wire hangars!
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