The Secret To Easy Calligraphy

Modern calligraphy adds a beautiful, personal touch to gifts, thank-you notes, and holiday cards. Join Sarah Brown, owner of Alabama-based Lovely Lettering Co., as she walks through some simple tips to elevate your cursive handwriting. With just a few strokes of a pen, you could be on your way to impressing friends and family with flourish and flair.


Today I'm gonna show you a little bit of the basics of how start calligraphy. And this is my first thing that I ever got started with. The pintail sign brush pen, it's got flexibility and it's great for the beginner. Also some Something that's very important is actually the paper that you're writing on. I just use the smoothest paper that I can find at my local craft store. It's that easy. So first up we're gonna do is we're just gonna write out southern living. Every down stroke that we're going to do, we're gonna make it darker. And that's what's gonna this the calligraphy look that you're looking for. So we're gonna start with the S. And I like to add a little bit of flourish. To the very beginning. Wherever that capital letter is. And from here, this is your own writing. There's no rhyme or reason. Other than just actually making the shapes of the letters. And you see how any place to where your pen was going down, that's the place we're going to bring in and darken it in. And it's just simply just going in and just making it wider. And just like that, you've turned basic cursive handwriting into a beautiful piece of calligraphy. It's so easy and so simple. And it takes something that can be so generic and make it so personalized. So give it a try.
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