This Adorable 8-Year-Old Girl Bought Dinner for an Elderly Couple

Hero Images via Getty Images
“Mylie’s dad and I are so humbled and proud of the young lady she is becoming."

You’re never too young to be a good samaritan. Just ask eight-year-old Mylie Brothers from North Carolina.

Mylie was having dinner with her family at Tony’s Pizza in Elizabeth City last week when she noticed an elderly couple struggling in the parking lot. Her mom, Laurie, tells WAVY that the husband had to pull his wife out of the car and then help her walk into the restaurant. Once inside, Laurie says they misjudged the seat and the wife fell on the floor.

She says Mylie wanted to do something nice for the couple, so the second grader used her own money to buy them dinner. She also gave them a sweet handwritten note that said “Hope you have a nice dinner.” She signed it with her name and a heart.

“Mylie’s dad and I are so humbled and proud of the young lady she is becoming,” Laurie said. “We try to instill great morals and values into all three of our children.”

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