Comedian Chonda Pierce On Starting Over

Chonda Pierce is a Covington, Kentucky-born comedian who's best known for keeping her standup clean and incredibly Southern. But, after some very rocky moments in the last few years, she's had to find herself again. "You know, when you are fifty-something years old and you've been married for 31 years and the love of your life dies, you have some time in your life that you have to so redefine who you are." Chonda is billed most often as "The Queen of Clean," and she's earned the title of RIAA's best-selling comedian. She has collected numerous accolades throughout her years of comedy, but when Chonda recently tried to fill out an online dating application, she was faced with the question of "Who am I really?" In that process, Chonda describes, "sometimes, as women, we can feel a bit 'less-than'. Our culture is in a place that's telling us that we have to be a size 2, and a CEO, and raise perfect children." Join the Queen of Clean as she talks about the importance of discovering that you are enough.


[BACKGROUND MUSIC] You know when you are fifty something years old and you are married for 31 years and the love of your life dies. You have some time in your life that you have to so redefine who you are. [MUSIC] You know my kids are all grown. I have no grandchildren really you know it's so. You gotta figure out who in the world are you now? I'm no longer Mrs. David Pierce. I'm not Zach's mom much anymore, he's all grown and year gone. Then you sit down one day and find yourself trying to write out a dating profile. I never thought I'd be on online dating but my girlfriends made me sign up. But that moment that took my breath away was when that little paragraph that says now tell us a little something about yourself. And I didn't know what to write. And here I am a person that travels around the world. And I've got goal records on the wall and wonderful curates. But me,who am I really? Peel away everything that you do Everything that you think you have to be a part of and who are you really. And it was hard to write that and in that process sometimes as women, we can feel a bit less then. Our culture isn't a place this telling us we have to be a size two and a CEO now and raise perfect children. And so we are bombarded by all the things that you know we think we are supposed to measure up to. To discover that you are enough is a beautiful thing for a woman. [MUSIC]
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